PHRG 2020: Instructions to Apply

We, at SHF, are pleased to announce the third cycle of Call for Papers under the Public Health Research Grant. It is our continued commitment to support quality research, innovation, and partnerships that improve Pakistan’s healthcare systems.

Areas of Research: 

  • A cost-benefit analysis of COVID response in Pakistan
  • Supporting healthcare through innovative research
  • Health Leadership – decision-making and autonomy in Pakistan’s hospitals
  • Heart Disease and Blood Pressure – patterns of disease in Pakistan

You may also read about the proposals that were accepted last year here.

Who should apply? 

We are looking for multi-disciplinary academic and professional teams who are affiliated with LUMS, Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences and/or Fatima Memorial Hospital.

Applicants interested to form a partnership with doctors/researchers at Shalamar Institute of Health Science or LUMS, are encouraged to send an email at and/or respectively.

How to apply? 

Eligible teams should present SHF with the following information:

  1. Project Design and Implementation Strategy 

          The document should contain a 4-page research proposal which includes Research Question, Methodology, and                    Limitations. Moreover, 2 pages (in addition to the 4 above) should indicate how the research is: 

    • Innovative – Why is your research approach important/unique/improvement? 
    • Significant – Why is the study important? 
    • Impactful – How will your findings/conclusions impact Public Health in Pakistan? 
  1. Scope of Work (1 page) 
  2. Project Timeline (Funding spans one year, but projects can be shorter or longer) – provide Gantt chart, use Office Timeline Toolkit 
  3. Utilization Plan – How will you develop the research further, or make it available for reforms & on-ground implementation to result in impactful change? 
  4. Sustainability Plan – How will the project continue after this Grant? 
  5. Detail any institutional partnerships
  6. List prior funding/parallel funding for same research, publication/patent stage (if applicable), and technological readiness (if applicable)
  7. Team CVs – 1 page per team member, incl. roles served and key achievements for each 
  8. Financial Plan (detailing how and where the PHRG will be utilized)

Points 1-7 are to be compiled and uploaded in a single document titled “Project Design”. The remaining are to be uploaded separately.


Apply for PHRG 2020

The deadline for PHRG 2020 has passed. The new round will be announced in May 2021. Keep checking the website for more details.

For further details, please drop an email to