PHRG Progress Reporting Template

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The Shahid Hussain Foundation has been running an annual Public Health Research Grant in Lahore, Pakistan since 2018. Each cycle of the Grant utilizes an annual sum of PKR 4 million to support seed research and multi-disciplinary partnerships in the field of health studies to create impactful and translational research on issues of the greatest public health importance in Pakistan.

The Grant is awarded through a selection process undertaken by a panel of independent reviewers, each an expert in their unique fields of medicine, economics, and bio-science. The Grant awardees are required to submit a Progress Report as a mid-project review mechanism, allowing the Foundation to remain up-to-date with progress against the proposed aims and plans of the study.

To assist our Grant awardees, we have prepared a standardized Template for the Progress Report. We encourage each of the Grant award teams to adhere to the template, providing as much information as possible, assisting us to deliver an efficient Review and helping us in releasing forthcoming tranches in a timely manner.

You can access the template here.