Our goal is to address the inequities in health and education in our community; to build support for marginalized or under-served groups where the state systems have failed. 

The Shahid Hussain Foundation was setup in 2016 to lend support to institutions providing education and/or healthcare services for the under-privileged members of Lahore’s community. 

Through our scholarships, research grants, donations and technical assistance, we wish to do our bit in reducing inequity and helping people thrive. Our goal is to build a healthy and safe community in this historic city and create a space where all lives have equal worth, where people can enjoy access healthcare and live meaningful lives in an environment of safety, security, health, and learning. 

What we do

Funding Research

to help us know more about the nature and causes of the inequities that we see 

Supporting Institutions

whose goals align with ours but they do not possess the experience and resources to realize them 

Active Participation

in the institutions that we have historically been associated with, in improving their corporate governance and bringing about greater institutional efficiency