Current Projects

Currently, Shahid Hussain Foundation is engaged in various projects, which directly or indirectly improve the research, delivery and quality of Public Health in Pakistan.

Public Health Research Grant 2018-19

SHF launched a research grant of PKR 4.0 million to support multi-disciplinary academic and professional teams who are affiliated with the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) and/or Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences. Read more about it here.

Shalamar Hospital

The Shalamar Hospital is a welfare trust, supported by members of Lahore’s business community. The Shahid Hussain Foundation is a proud supporter of the Shalamar Hospital and has undertaken various projects for the development of the institution. Read about our contributions here.

Shalamar Nursing College

The Shalamar Nursing College is affiliated with the Shalamar Hospital, offering the first ever four-year nursing degree program along with various specializations. The Shahid Hussain Foundation supports the college administratively in designing and developing programs. Read about our recent collaborations here.