Improving Nurse Leadership in COVID-19 times

A Randomized Control Trial to Improve Nurse leadership in Maintaining Minimum Service Delivery Standards for Hospital Infection Control in the era of COVID-19

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 Dr. Sara Rizvi Jafree  (FCC) and Ms. Nasim Rafique (SNC)


Nurses are frontline practitioners in the fight against COVID-19. Empowering nurses through training for infection prevention for COVID-19 is an essential step to facilitate nurse leadership and safety in the hospital. There is immense reliance on nurses with regard to patient safety, yet very little effort is made to invest in interventions for their leadership roles in developing countries, including Pakistan.

This study aims to deliver an intervention for COVID-19 preventive protocols to nurses and assess the impact of the intervention through a pre and post-test survey. Fifty nurses will be sampled each from four public sector teaching hospitals of Pakistan, comprising of a total nurse sample of 200. Two hospitals will be part of the control group and two will be delivered the intervention. The data will be analyzed using SPSS. Pre and post test results will be presented using descriptive data and bivariate regression will be used to present higher odds of confidence in preventive and awareness literacy for COVID-19 in nurses after intervention delivery.

Through this research they aim to improve nurse leadership in maintaining minimum service delivery standards for hospital infection control with respect to COVID-19; but also other infectious disease burden management.

This project has been published in the international journal “Frontiers in Public Health”. You can check it out here.