Investigation of Inflammation on Cardiovascular disease

Investigation of hyperglycemia mediated inflammation on risk of cardiovascular disease in type 2-diabetes 

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Full report will be available soon 


Dr. Shaper Mirza {link:} (LUMS) {link:} and Dr. Bilal Bin Younas {link:} (SIHS) {link:} 




The collaboration between Dr. Bilal and Dr. Shaper is part of a ground-breaking research that aims to: 

  • equip Diagnia, a smartphone application developed by the Biomedical Informatics Research Laboratory (BIRL) at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), with real-world data to assist in clinical investigation of patients suffering from diabetes by precisely predicting the probability of the disease and 
  • study the effect of Hyperglycemia in upregulation of NFKB in Diabetics and non-Diabetics.