Capacity Development for Women’s healthcare at Shalamar Hospital

Capacity Development for Women’s healthcare at Shalamar Hospital

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The Shahid Hussain Foundation (SHF) has been a proud partner of the Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) since our inception in 2017. We work together on multiple programs aimed to improve access and equity in healthcare for the people of Lahore.

In December 2019, SHF agreed to finance and manage a capacity development initiative that includes a health care consulting agreement between SIHS and Johns Hopkins Medicine International. SHF and SIHS are excited to develop a comprehensive women’s health centre in consultation with a world-class team of clinicians, specialists, and health policy leaders. This is a 5-year program with $500,000 in funds allocated.

Through this project we aim to deliver:

  • Integrated and navigated care for women in their health journeys, through an internal alignment of services under a Women’s Health Centre, which is to be designed along the lines of the Sibley Memorial Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine in Washington, D.C.
  • Training and support for our younger members of the medical teams through an annual Medical Observership program at the Johns Hopkins Medicine campuses in Washington and Baltimore
  • Capacity development and improved health outcomes through strengthening of our systems, protocols, teams, and research – a clinician-led initiative under the consulting guidance of Johns Hopkins Medicine International

Read up more about the agreement here.  

To learn more about the latest activities under the project, please visit and follow us on Facebook @ShahidHussainFoundation. You can reach us at