Joint Project with Johns Hopkins

Joint Project with Johns Hopkins

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Shahid Hussain Foundation led a partnership agreement between Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences (an umbrella organization for Shalamar Hospital, Medical, Dental and Nursing College) and Johns Hopkins Medicine International Hospital (ranked number 1 in the US)to establish a Women’s Center along the lines of Sibley Memorial in Washington with the aim of introducing navigated and integrated care for the first time in Pakistan. 

Shalamar Hospital is a full-service, not-for-profit tertiary care hospital offering comprehensive medical, surgical and therapeutic services. With 500 beds and more than 2000 employees and a world-class medical staff, Shalamar Hospital provides technologically advanced care on highly subsidized rates. 

Johns Hopkins is one of only a few centers in the United States to offer a comprehensive array of leading-edge treatment services for adults and children. According to US News & World Report’s 2019–20 Best Hospitals list, Johns Hopkins is the United States’ top-ranked hospital combined for both adult and pediatric care.  

This agreement has made Shalamar the first and only hospital in Pakistan to have partnered with John Hopkins International for the provision of advanced healthcare. Under the agreement, not only will a Women’s Center be established in Shalamar Hospital, but candidates will also be sent to Washington D.C. for medical observer-ship. This agreement was signed in February 2020. 

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