Partnership with MAHSA Malaysia

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Partnership with MAHSA Malaysia

SHF engineered a tri-partite MOU in late 2018 between the SHF, MAHSA Nursing College (Malaysia), and Shalamar Nursing College (SNC) to bring skilled instructors, newer syllabi, and improved teaching methods to the SNC in Lahore.  

As per the MAHSA MOU, the SHF is sponsoring the Module of Clinical Instruction to be held bi-annually at the Shalamar Nursing College in from January 2019. The one-week training Module is conducted by two instructors from MAHSA who conduct workshops for: 

o   Prep and Recovery Patient Care 

o   Patient Transport 

o   Hospital Infection 

o   Comfort Care 

o   Leadership and Teamwork  


Furthermore, SHF has committed to send two faculty members of Shalamar Nursing College (SNC) to MAHSA University Malaysia, annually, to provide a platform of shared learning, collaborative research opportunities and extend date classroom and course opportunities for the students and faculty at both institutions. 

Under this program, the teachers learned about best practices in curriculum development, student assessment, management and clinical skills and then used these to first identify gaps, and then fill them up, in Shalamar Nursing College.