Professional Development at SIHS

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Professional Development at Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

SHF has conducted several workshops for the professional development of healthcare professionals at Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

1) Faculty Development Program with Aga Khan Medical University Hospital

SHF has brokered a partnership between Aga Khan Medical University Hospital and Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) to improve the student and faculty research output through a series of webinars, workshops, training sessions and opportunities for collaborative research.

This series will take place from 29-30th October and focus on:

1. Critically analyzing research methodologies identified in existing literature.
2. Proposing and distinguishing appropriate research designs and methodologies to apply to a specific research project.
3. Developing a comprehensive research methodology for a research question.
4. Applying the understanding of feasibility and practicality of research methodology for a proposed project.

2) International Conferences

Several international conferences have been organized to improve nursing skills at Shalamar with an audience of ~150 nurses + students on average.

The image below is from the 4th International Conference held in 2020

3) International Nursing Symposium

SHF arranged the first international nursing symposium – a series of workshops and lectures, back in 2018. It was attended by ~350 nurses.