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International Conferences

Chairman SHF, Mr. Shahid Hussain, has been a proponent of improving the state of educational institutes and its graduates in Pakistan.  

The opportunity – there is the real potential to build a strong industrial base to strengthen the economy and lift millions out of poverty through earned livelihoods, export-led growth, and participation in the world economy.  

The challenge – how does a resource constrained governance structure deliver educational, vocational, and employment opportunities to 1.5 million youths every year for the next 10-15 years? 

To this end, he has been invited to several conferences around the globe to discuss his ideas: 

Mr. Shahid Hussain participated in this key networking event for family business and philanthropy organizations working to improve the lives of millions living in poverty in the developing world. ERFIP focuses on identifying philanthropists and professionals whose work has significant impact in their respective communities, and uses this global network of similar organization to create working relations, establish learning collaborations and set new program agendas. 


Mr. Shahid Hussain, was invited to represent Pakistan at European Conservatives and Reformists Group Conference to discuss recommendations to increase labor force participation rate in developing countries.