Shalamar Nursing College

The Shalamar Nursing College is affiliated with the Shalamar Hospital, offering the first ever four-year nursing degree program along with various specializations. The Shahid Hussain Foundation supports the college administratively in designing and developing programs.

The Shalamar Nursing College is the first educational institution to offer a four-year undergraduate degree program in nursing and is affiliated with the Shalamar Hospital. The SHF provides technical support to the administrative team, helping them develop projects and design support programs, in affiliation with Mahsa University, Malaysia.  You can read more about the college here

Over the years, there have been multiple projects undertaken to improve the standard of education and training being imparted to the students. Some of our currently active initiatives include:

Staff Training in:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Work Plans
  3. Skills Development

Online Learning:

Development of courses with Mahsa University, Malaysia for online access to global leaders in Nursing.

Curriculum Development:

  1. Updating Content
  2. Improving Libraries
  3. Online Library Access
  4. Skills Training