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Apr 05
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Dec 16

LUMS Economics Dept. Named after Ch. Nazar

Shahid Hussain Foundation, along with Borjan Pvt. Ltd., has announced an endowment fund of Rs. 200 Million for the Department of Economics at LUMS. The endowment is intended to support current and future generations of LUMS scholars with the resources needed to advance knowledge, research, and innovation. Following this, LUMS... read more →
Sep 15

PHRG 2020 Announcement

We had an unprecedented response to our call for proposals, and 40% of the submissions were essential local research on COVID response and COVID anti-bodies kits. The Review Committee has finalised the following studies for this year’s award after an exhaustive review and discussion process among a multi-disciplinary panel of... read more →
Jul 14

SHF Scholarship

Shahid Hussain Foundation, committed to improving accessibility of high quality education to all, has donated PKR 5 Million to Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). These funds will be utilized to sponsor the academic expenses of 15 students for the academic year 2020-21. To read up more, check out our website... read more →
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