Update: SHF Public Health Research Grant Results 2019-20 have been announced. Click here to read more.

Working Towards Making Healthcare and Education
Equitable and Accessible

The Shahid Hussain Foundation believes in equal opportunities for all,
and the encompassing ethos of having shared resources within the community.

The Shahid Hussain Foundation is a family owned welfare organization, set up in 2016 to lend support to institutions providing education and/or healthcare services for the under-privileged members of Lahore’s community. Read more about us here.


To have an engaged society that believes in its own potential and is willing to work towards developing itself even in cases when external support may be missing.

Shahid Hussain Foundation is committed to engaging communities to achieve positive outcomes in public health, healthcare access, and greater equity in education. We believe in pursuing this through encouraging research, debate, dialogue and discussion; we also believe in lending support to institutions which share our goals and mission.